Best Golf Courses in the World

St Andrews GolfGolf is not just a game of yesterday; it is a sport that has been played for centuries since its invention in Scotland. It is a sport that signifies class, played mostly by the rich who live in posh estates, are driven in exquisite rides and limos and meet to network after the game. Whether you are looking for some lush, hilly Irish terrain or California’s coast side courses, as a golfer, you may need to travel across the world to find more of this fun. Different golf courses are known for various characteristics, whether these are rich histories or the breathtaking views and the perfect locations. This article attempts to provide top five golf courses across the world. Pedigree and popularity will be used as the grounds for this ranking.

Top Things to Do in Monaco

Monte Carlo DistrictMonaco sits on the impressive French Riviera and is known for being a tiny principality headed by the Prince of Monaco. This principality stretches about two square kilometers and thus not big enough. Though it lacks size, its style is impressive. It is one of the most affluent spots in the world that is blessed with an abundance of nature. It is lined with blue seas and has a warm climate with perfect weather for palm trees.

From enjoying life in the beach, watching elite sports, hanging out in the casinos among others, Monaco has everything you would think of. Let us have a look at top things to do on a visit to Monaco.


Monte Carlo District

Monte Carlo presents an opportunity for you to indulge yourself in the fantastic world of Monaco, where luxury is the epicenter of life. Monte Carlo is a district with some of the most exciting atmosphere in a setting that features natural beauty. The district boasts itself of breathtaking sea views from the spectacular sides of Place du Casino. Monte Carlo attracts the effluent, rich and famous making it an excellent place for people looking forward to enjoying life and pass the time.


Casinos in Monte Carlo

Grand CasinoA trip to Monaco should involve a visit to the legendary Monte Carlo casino. At this casino, you can stroll the square and indulge yourself in a good spot to watch what’s going around. At the casino, you should be able to see the best car collections and also see some of the most beautiful surroundings. From the main lobby, you can find some of the best and opulent decors with awesome ambiance.




Saint-Martin Gardens

Saint Martin gardens should be on your top list. Found on the edge of the coastline, the pathway of the enclosure allows visitors to have splendid views of the sea and also have a breeze welcoming them. Saint Martin gardens are one of the best places to hang around. There are plenty of shades and benches to enjoy your day. There are also exotic plants and flowers where you can wander watching the world go by.


Saint Nicholas Cathedral

The numerous members of Grimaldi family have Monaco Cathedral as their resting place. The cathedral was built in a gorgeous light limestone from France and its interior features impressive marbles. The cathedral is still a center point of the Monaco community and features an impressive mass choir.