Best Golf Courses in the World

St Andrews GolfGolf is not just a game of yesterday; it is a sport that has been played for centuries since its invention in Scotland. It is a sport that signifies class, played mostly by the rich who live in posh estates, are driven in exquisite rides and limos and meet to network after the game. Whether you are looking for some lush, hilly Irish terrain or California’s coast side courses, as a golfer, you may need to travel across the world to find more of this fun. Different golf courses are known for various characteristics, whether these are rich histories or the breathtaking views and the perfect locations. This article attempts to provide top five golf courses across the world. Pedigree and popularity will be used as the grounds for this ranking.


St Andrews Golf Course in Scotland

This is also referred to as the Old Course. It is believed to be the oldest golf course in the world as the game was first played here in the 15th century. The place has hosted the Open Championships for about 29 times, which is the standing record. The most recent championship to be held here was in 2015. Ideally, the history of this golf course ensures that it remains top of this ranking. It is usually called the game’s birthplace.


Pine Valley Golf Club

George Crump designed this golf course in the early 20th century. It is located in New Jersey, the U.S. the scenery of this place is what has raised its popularity to such incredible levels. It is also located in a strategic place, with the architecture attracting a significant percentage of world’s best golfers. It has topped the Golf’s Magazine list since the year 1985. Even though it is not known for hosting professional tournaments, that does not take away the popularity of the course.


Augusta National Golf Club

AugastaThis golf course was designed by Alister MacKenzie and Bobby Jones in the year 1933. It is located in the state of Georgia in the United States. Typically, it has a major golf calendar every year due to the Masters Tournament. The Masters Tournament unquestionably manifests the history and magnificence of Augusta National. It is one of the best golf courses every golfer would want to visit mainly due to its history and popularity.



Cypress Point Club

Designed by Alister MacKenzie in the year 1928, the Cypress Point Club remains as one of the world most decorated golf courses. It is located in Californian, United States. It is a glorious collection of golf holes. The setting of this place is one of the best-selling features. The decision to remain somewhat squeezed (an estimated 6,500 yards) is just an indication of the unique approach to golfing. Typically, Cypress Point Club presents the complete picture of a golf course. You do not want to miss this amazing place.


Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

This is the last in our list. It was designed by William Flynn in the year 1931. The most recent U.S Open championship to be hosted here was in 2004. It is poised to host the game again in 2018. The beautiful landscape and the rich history are some of the attractive features of this golf course.