Most Beautiful Caribbean Beaches for Vacation

HawaiiAre you dreaming of a tropical getaway or escape to paradise? If yes, some islands and beaches are located strategically to offer you exactly that.The islands scattered across the Caribbean are remarkably diverse.Everyone has their personal favorites be it in quiet secluded coves or busy resort areas. Whichever way, white sandy beaches, clear waters and incredible comfort is all we seek. When deciding and ranking the best beaches in the world, we look at a lot of factors including quality of life, accessibility, sprawling beaches, rolling waves and pockets of wilderness.

Based on these factors, here are our top pick of most rated escapes that keep travelers enchanted.

Hawaii Islands

Ask anyone you know what dream vacation they would want to take in their lifetime, and many will say Hawaii. Each year more than 8 million tourists arrive at this island each of them averaging a 9-10 days visit. Many take the opportunity to visit more than one of the Hawaii islands. Hawaii islands have one of the best weather than anywhere in the world.

Most of the families in these islands work in the tourism industry making the place so lovely due to hospitable people. Hawaii is the only state in the USA where everyone is a minority. The diverse cultural backgrounds and exclusivity make the islands a top pick.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island sitting in the U.S territory. The islands boast of incredible landscape of green mountains, tropical rain forests, and spectacular waterfalls. It is renowned for its awesome white sand beaches and coral reefs making the destination a popular place for diving, snorkeling, surfing, and sailing. Puerto Rico captivates the hearts of travelers all over the world due to its tropical climate and amazing landscapes. Weather is always warm, and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy.

Cayman Islands

cayman islandsThe Cayman Islands are ideal for beach bums, families, divers, golfers, food snobs and alike. The Grand Cayman is reminiscent of South Florida and attracts a higher rating because it is more orderly and has less traffic. The islands offer resorts of all stripes, high diving, and tax shelters. Visitors who come to this spot enjoy snorkeling and swimming, with schools of stingrays.


The Bahamas is a popular destination, a long and narrow island off the port of Georgetown. When you take a visit to the Bahamas, you will be greeted by miles of pristine white sand beaches. There are myriads of activities you can participate in, including diving and snorkeling. Several dive operators are located in Lucaya area. At Port Lucaya, visitors have a marketplace and a waterfront shopping center boasting excellent shops and attractive outdoor setting.


Located 15 miles north of Venezuela, Aruba’s main attraction is a ribbon of beaches that are lined with the big world-class resort and backed up with malls restaurants and bars of equal quality. Aruba is best for a holiday requiring no thinking at all. The islands attract more than 1.5 million visitors annually. There are lots of casino-restaurants to compliment restaurant activities.