Ways to Explore Dubai on a Budget

dubai airportDubai has made its name for as a playground for the rich and famous. But it doesn’t mean you must have a big budget to see what the best of this city has to offer. If you have some knowledge of the local areas, you can have plenty of budget-friendly experiences, similar to a feeling you would have for booking https://belairtowtruck.com/ limos. Like the majority of cities with overly high prices, many of the city’s residents have found trips and tricks on how to squeeze even the last dirham.

Since traveling to Dubai can be very expensive, here are some tips on how to tour Dubai on a budget.

Budget Plane Ticket

Your primary priority to traveling to Dubai on a budget is the type of plane ticket you choose. If you can get a ticket for a good price, you are half way to go. Dubai is connected with low budget airlines, and you can get very affordable one from your country of residence. Do a thorough Internet search to look for any deals and special offers.

Budget Accommodation in Dubai

Traveling to Dubai on a budget has a lot to do with the type of housing you are looking forward to having. You can get very good and budget accommodations around Al Barsha. You can get very nice looking rooms for about 67 USD for two persons. There are also very affordable apartments for four persons. Al Barsha is a great location due to is connected transport system and modern hotels.

Use Public Transport

dubai public transportIf you want to travel in Dubai on a budget, you will need to use the city metro. The metro is a well organized and modern transport system that can get you around Dubai. The best thing with the metro is the way it’s very cheap. A daily ticket will cost you less than 14AED. When you want to get around the city, and the metro line is not operating, the other option is to get a taxi. To save on transport costs, avoid the rush hours.

Visit Budget Tourist Attractions

You should know that traveling to Dubai on a budget will entail making some compromises. Tourist attractions in Dubai don’t come cheap, but you don’t have to see all of them. One way to save on visiting these attractions is to buy online tickets which cost less than what they would cost on vendor stores.

A must-see attraction when you visit Dubai is Burj Khalifa which attracts a relatively low entry. Though the price depends on the hour, expect to pay at least 35€. Another pretty affordable tourist attraction is the Dubai aquarium and the botanical garden. You can also stroll to the Deira Fishmarket and get some local feel of the food market.

Budget Food in Dubai

You can spend a substantial amount of money, if not all of it, on food in Dubai. There are many upscale and expensive hotels in Dubai, and if not careful your stay in this city can be tough. However, you can still enjoy low budget foods due to lots of foreign workers from India, Philippines, and Pakistan. There are many affordable hotels where these foreigners eat from, and you can use them to your advantage.